Livestreams every Thursday at 7 PM to 8/9 PM Eastern Time! Link to the channel HERE!

9/26/2022: The rules and notes for this weekend’s auctions have been¬† added in a blog post. Click here for that information and links to each day’s auction livestream!BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

Roach Crossing will be hosting the October Bugapalooza Auction, Giveaway, and More from 10 AM Eastern Time to 10 PM Eastern Time on both October 1st and 2nd. This live event will take place on the Youtube Channel and will feature many excellent deals and species not yet listed on the website. Be sure to tune in to get some amazing bugs! More information, such as approximate time slots for different types of bugs, will be made available here or in a blog post.

My goal is to educate about the most misunderstood insect order, to provide unique biological technology and insights necessary for the ever-evolving hobby of raising animals in captivity, and to preserve the wonderful assemblage of genetically distinct species and varieties of invertebrates that numerous hobbyists have strived to perpetuate in captivity. If you have any questions or want to order, please contact me via the Contact Us page.