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1/21/2021: Winter weather is truly upon us. Heat packs have been ordered and are in-transit. All pending orders will go out the soonest Tuesday after heat packs have arrived. Express package delays are normal now but live arrival is still guaranteed within the scope of the ToS. Thank you all for your cooperation and patience!

The Terms & Conditions page has received an update to reflect major changes to Roach Crossing’s shipping policy among other things. Please read as these changes will affect all orders and means of contact for academic and research personnel!

My goal is to educate about the most misunderstood insect order, to provide unique biological technology and insights necessary for the ever-evolving hobby of raising animals in captivity, and to preserve the wonderful assemblage of genetically distinct species and varieties of cockroach and isopod that numerous hobbyists have strived to perpetuate in captivity. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please contact me via the Contact Us page.