Category: Supplies and Substrate

All substrate and organic component materials are shipped hydrated and snugly packed but not compressed to preserve their spongy properties and microbial integrity.

Roach Crossing’s All-Purpose Roach and Isopod Substrate

For the last decade I have honed the ultimate substrate mix for general roach and isopod keeping. This blend of airy organic material is guaranteed to maintain a stable soil pH, act as a buffer against too much or too little moisture, and provide edible shelter for various life stages of invertebrates. I have relied on it to raise most of my roach and isopod species with few modifications. This mix is bio-active which renders it infinitely more palatable to invertebrates than other, drier, sterile mixes. Please Contact Us if you have any questions regarding the mix or custom ratios!

1 Quart: $10
1 Gallon: $25

5 Gallons: $100

Roach Crossing’s Premium Well-Rotted Oak Forest Leaf Mix

Of utmost importance to raising all isopods and most roaches is leaf litter. Commonly available mixes are dry, sterile leaves with no microbial activity; these are the least palatable to decomposers and offer no nutrition, leading to starvation and cannibalism. Roach Crossing’s oak leaves are well-rotted, leached of distasteful tannins, and colonized by the micro-organisms isopods and roaches really crave. These leaves are guaranteed to be free of pests such as centipedes but may contain small silver springtails and harmless free-living acari. When you see how much your invertebrates love Roach Crossing’s artisan mix of deciduous oak forest leaves, you won’t settle for brittle, sterile leaves again!

1 Quart: $5
1 Gallon: $15

5 Gallons: $60