Mantid Availability 9/15/2022

Mantids are cockroaches’ closest living relative. Like roaches, many are a variation on a simple roachoid body plan with one major difference: mantids are built to kill. All species possess raptorial forearms used for immobilizing and grappling prey, a behavior which some roaches can be seen using on food items. Roach Crossing’s inventory is produced both in-house and by a number of long-term mantid aficionados across the United States; always captive bred or captive hatched. Species and strain information is guaranteed to be accurate.

Individual species care pages will go up in the near future, but availability will always be listed on this page. Instars are approximate. Inquire for sexed individuals. Mantid orders do not need to meet the $30 minimum order requirement.

Creobroter gemmatus (Jeweled Flower Mantid) L2/L3: $15/each

Galinthias amoena (Kenyan Flower Mantid) L4+: $15/each

Odontomantis micans (Shining Ant Mantid) L3+: $12/each

Parablepharis kuhlii (Darth Vader Mantid): L2+ $40/each

Phyllocrania paradoxa (Ghost Mantid) L4+: $20/each

Popa spurca (African Twig Mantid) L3+: $15/each

Pseudocreobotra wahlbergii (#9 Flower Mantid) L3+: $25/each

Rhombodera kirbyi (Kirby’s Shield Mantid) L3+: $15/each

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