Collecting Trip Finds, Wild-Caught, and Miscellaneous Availability (Updated August 15th, 2023)

Roach Crossing works with many species, but sometimes there are invertebrates with involved care or that are not within the scope of captive breeding projects. Often, there are extras of founding stock from new projects too. This page is for those species so that others with more focused interests may find something they’ve been questing for, but do not have the means to source or collect otherwise.

The groups listed on this page are all wild-caught individuals. Their age, sex, or health may not be known. They have received reasonable care upon being collected and are visibly vigorous, but may have other issues associated with being wild-caught. Roach Crossing cannot offer the same guarantees for these individuals as captive bred stock.

Currently Available Wild-Caught/Miscellaneous Inventory:

Asbolus verrucosus (Blue Death-Feigning Beetle, adult): $10/each, 6/$50

cf. Apheloria polychroma (Many-Colored Flat Millipede, may contain mimic genus, mixed sizes) $30/each, 4/$100

Cryptoglossa muricata (Studded Death-Feigning Beetle, adult): $10/each, 6/$50

Dynastes hercules hercules (Hercules Beetle, L2+): $50/each

Goliathus goliatus (Goliath Beetle, L2/L3 larvae): $40/each

Mastigoproctus giganteus (Giant Vinegaroon): Smalls: $30/each Larges: $35/each

Narceus gordanus “Citrus County” (Smokey Oak Millipede, 2″+): $10/each, 6/$50

Narceus gordanus “Ocala” (Smokey Oak Millipede, 2″+): $10/each, 6/$50

Orthoporus ornatus “Avra Valley” (Desert Giant Millipede, chocolate phase): $12/each, 3/$30

Orthoporus ornatus “West Texas” (Desert Giant Millipede, gold banded phase): $12/each, 3/$30