Other Inventory

The invertebrate keeping hobby extends beyond just insects. Organisms of all shapes and forms are propagated and reared by dedicated hobbyists and breeders across the country. Species whose husbandry has not been perfected may still be collected from the wild, but ultimately it is the goal of most keepers to close the loop on the captive breeding of these creatures. Roach Crossing is proud to offer a large array of other invertebrates for the beginner and advanced keeper, many of which have procreated in captivity for other dedicated enthusiasts. Check back for updates to the availability catalogue, and please inquire about Roach Crossing’s experiences with the husbandry of each species.

Roach Crossing Other Invertebrate Inventory Updated March 2017

Category Species Common Name Breeder Size Price
Centipede Rhysida longipes African Long-Tail Satchell Watts-Kerr 2.5″+ $10
Centipede Scolopendra longipes (= alternans “Florida”) Florida Keys Giant Wild Caught 5″+ $30
Centipede Scolopendra polymorpha Desert Wild Caught ~1.5″+ $10
Centipede Scolopendra polymorpha Desert Wild Caught 3.5″+ $20
Centipede Scolopendra polymorpha “Sky Island Blue” Desert Wild Caught 2″+ $20
Centipede Scolopendra viridis Giant Green Wild Caught 3″+ $20
Millipede Orthoporus ornatus “Chocolate” Desert Wild Caught 2.5″+ $7
Millipede Orthoporus ornatus “Gold Banded” Desert Wild Caught 4.5″+ $7
Millipede Orthoporus ornatus “Texas Gold” Desert Wild Caught 2.5″+ $10
Mygalomorph Linothele fallax Tiger Funnel-web ? 3″+ $50
Mygalomorph Linothele megatheloides Colombian Funnel-web ? 3″+ $60
Scorpion Centruroides sculpturatus “gertschi” Arizona Bark Wild Caught 1″+ (body) $20
Scorpion Centruroides vittatus Striped Bark Roach Crossing 1/3″ (body) $10
Scorpion Diplocentrus spitzeri Spitzer’s Burrowing Wild Caught 1″-1.5″ (body) $20
Scorpion Grosphus grandidieri Malagasy Black William King 1″+ (body) $30
Scorpion Hadrurus arizonensis Giant Desert Hairy Wild Caught 1.5″+ (body) $20
Scorpion Hadrurus arizonensis pallidus Giant Desert Hairy Wild Caught 2″ (body) $30
Scorpion Heterometrus cf. petersi Peter’s Forest Roach Crossing 3/4″ (body) $10



Hoffmanius spinigerus




Wild Caught


1/2″-1″+ (body)



Scorpion Pandinus dictator Dictator Francisco Torres 3/4″ (body) $35
Tarantula Acanthoscurria brocklehursti Brocklehurst’s Whiteknee Tom Patterson ~1/2″ $20
Tarantula Acanthoscurria geniculata Brazilian Whiteknee Tom Patterson ~1/2″ $10
Tarantula Aphonopelma chalcodes Arizona Blond ? 1/2″ $10
Tarantula Aphonopelma chalcodes Arizona Blond Wild Caught 4″+ $50
Tarantula Aphonopelma chalcodes Arizona Blond Wild Caught 3″+ $35
Tarantula Aphonopelma eutylenum California Ebony ? 1/2″ $20
Tarantula Aphonopelma hentzi Texas Brown ? 3/4″ $10
Tarantula Aphonopelma marxi Grand Canyon Black ? 1/2″ $20
Tarantula Avicularia versicolor Antilles Pinktoe Edward Pardo + Bug Brothers Inverts 1/2″ $20
Tarantula Brachypelma albopilosum Curlyhair Satchell Watts-Kerr 2.5″+ $15
Tarantula Brachypelma boehmei Mexican Fireleg ? 3/4″ $35
Tarantula Brachypelma cf. vagans Red Rump ? 3/4″ $10
Tarantula Chilobrachys fimbriatus Indian Violet ? 1.25″ $30
Tarantula Davus fasciatus Costa Rican Tiger-Rump ? 2″ $30
Tarantula Grammostola porteri Rosehair Jon Barrett 1.5″ $10
Tarantula Haplopelma lividum Cobalt Blue Scott Stelter 3/4″ $20
Tarantula Hysterocrates gigas Cameroon Red Baboon Rex Raasch ~2.5″ $30
Tarantula Lasiodora klugi Bahia Scarlet ? ~1.25″ $20
Tarantula Lasiodora parahybana Salmon Pink Bird-Eater ? 3/4″ $20
Tarantula Monocentropus balfouri Socotra Island Blue Baboon Austin Spears 1.25″ $80
Tarantula Nhando coloratovillosus Brazilian Black and White ? 3/4″ $25
Tarantula Poecilotheria ornata Fringed Ornamental Danny Rodriguez 1.25″+ $25
Tarantula Poecilotheria subfusca “Highland” Ivory Ornamental Edward Pardo 1.5″ $70
Tarantula Psalmopoeus cambridgei Trinidad Chevron Bug Brothers Inverts ~3/4″ $30
Tarantula Psalmopoeus irminia Venezuelan Suntiger Bug Brothers Inverts ~3/4″ $20
Tarantula Pterinochilus murinus Orange Baboon Bug Brothers Inverts ~1/2″ $10
Tarantula Xenesthis immanis Colombian Lesserblack Edward Pardo 1.5″ $150
True Spider Ctenus hibernalis Wintry Wandering Roach Crossing 1″+ $20
True Spider Latrodectus hesperus Western Black Widow Wild Caught ~1.5″ $10
True Spider Loxosceles reclusa Brown Recluse Tyler Hedlund 1″+ $20
True Spider Titiotus shantzi Shantz’s Ember Roach Crossing 3/4″+ $15
Vinegaroon Mastigoproctus giganteus “Texas Giant” Giant Wild Caught ~1″ $20
Vinegaroon Mastigoproctus giganteus “Texas Giant” Giant Wild Caught ~2″ $25
Whipspider Phrynus marginemaculatus Florida Wild Caught ~3/4″ (head-abdomen) $20