Rough Isopod

Porcellio scaber

Cultivar name: “Lucy”

15 mixed: $50
50 mixed: $150
100 mixed: $250

Detailed Species Stats -Click-

  • Adult Size: 18 mm.
  • Care Level: Easy.
  • Temperature Requirements: 68-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Air Humidity: Not picky.
  • Substrate Humidity: Moist.
  • Favorite Foods: Not picky.
  • Locality: None.

Isolated and refined by Roach Crossing.

An animal’s phenotypes, or physical appearance, can be determined by both its genetics as well as its environment. In isopods, all white indiviuals are frequently found in cultures, however the trait does not always prove out and suggests it is either a mutation of the animal’s somatic, or non-sexual, cells, or a result of damage to the body. Fortunately, this line of white Porcellio scaber has proven to be heritable. Unlike “White Out”, this mutation leaves the isopod’s eye pigment unaffected, and the coloration of fully grown individuals does not yellow as much as in “White Out”. Overall, it bears an interesting resemblance to the large deep-sea isopods, as many have pink or white bodies with black eyes; perhaps the same genes are responsible!

Please see the Porcellio scaber page for additional information.