Flat-Horn Hisser

Aeluropoda insignis

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Mixed nymphs: $3/each (Contact for availability)
Starter colony (8 mixed nymphs): $20 (Contact for availability)
Large pairs: $10 (Not available)

Detailed Species Stats -Click-

  • Adult Size: Male: 52 mm. Female: 45 mm.
  • Climbing Abilities: All life stages can climb.
  • Flying Abilities: Cannot fly.
  • Mode of Birth: Ovoviviparous.
  • Care Level: Easy.
  • Temperature Requirements: 72-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Air Humidity: Not picky.
  • Substrate Humidity: Moist.
  • Favorite Foods: Not picky.
  • Locality: None.

The flat-horn hisser is unique among available hissers due to its extreme flatness. Large adult males are less than a centimeter thick, though gravid females can still be quite thick. Nymphs resemble those of other hissers and only become impressively flattened at adulthood. Adults sport various interesting colors and patterns from circles on the wingbuds to solid cherry-red abdomens.