Rehn’s Flat Roach

Latiblattella rehni

Starter colony (12 mixed nymphs): $80

Detailed Species Stats -Click-

  • Adult Size: Male: 14 mm. Female: 15 mm.
  • Climbing Abilities: All life stages can climb.
  • Flying Abilities: Adults of both sexes can fly.
  • Mode of Birth: Oviparous.
  • Care Level: Expert.
  • Temperature Requirements: 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Air Humidity: Moist.
  • Substrate Humidity: Dry.
  • Favorite Foods: Not picky.
  • Locality: Big Pine Key, Florida, United States.

This is a flighty, high-strung roach often found within the folds of dead palm fronds. Considering the lack of defense mechanisms, this species is probably readily predated on by the numerous spiders and pseudoscorpions with which it shares its habitat. Rehn’s flat roach is very picky about its husbandry; cultures will crash irreparably if moisture is too high without sufficient heat and ventilation to compensate, and the adults escape easily by flying if spooked. The reward, however, is a quirky roach that is well-adapted to its environment; from the side, adults and nymphs are extremely flat, allowing them to slide between unbelievably small gaps such as those seen on dead, dry palm leaflets.