All Fruit Fly Species/Strains

Drosophila melanogaster + Drosophila buzzatti + Drosophila hydei


Culture cup:  $8

Available varieties:

  • Drosophila melanogaster “Armenian Crawler”

The Roach Crossing special twist on the standard, wingless fruit fly. Prefers to crawl around instead of jump. Extra vigorous producer on cost-saving starch-rich media.

  • Drosophila melanogaster “Turkish Glider”

Flightless fruit flies capable of gliding in a downward spiral and inclined to hopping around.

  • Drosophila buzzatti “Flightless”

A flightless strain of a rare species with a size between melanogaster and hydei. Cultures are slow to start but produce well over a long time.

  • Drosophila hydei “Flightless”

The largest fruit fly available. Slow to produce and creates a large boom of flies in a relatively short time. THE CULTURE MUST BE MAINTAINED AT UNDER APPROXIMATELY 82 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT, OR ELSE LARVAE WILL PRODUCE PROPER PROTEINS TO ENABLE FLIGHT WHEN THEY MATURE.

Roach Crossing’s fruit fly cultures are top tier! With each culture, you will receive 60 mL of hydrated custom media blend (with no unpleasant odor!), aspen fiber matrix to maximize the surface area available to your adult flies, and a mite-free guarantee! Ask about which fruit fly variety will fill your needs!

**Please discuss culture stage options with Roach Crossing prior to purchase. Fresh cultures can be made as-needed but producing cultures will need a few days to prepare.**