Common Bull Springtail

Tomocerus vulgaris

30 mixed: $20
100 mixed: $60

Detailed Species Stats -Click-

    • Adult Size: 7 mm.
    • Care Level: Easy.
    • Temperature Requirements: 65-90 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Air Humidity: Well-ventilated/Dry.
    • Substrate Humidity: Not picky.
    • Favorite Foods: Dog Food and yeast.
  • Locality: Livonia, Michigan.

Those dreaming of a large springtail species can finally rest easy! This species is large, active, and hardy and does well when kept with frogs, toads, roaches, isopods, and other vivarium inhabitants. Excellent ventilation is a must if the air is humid, though. This stock has now been examined and the presence of simple rather than tridentate spines on the furculum cements the ID as Tomocerus vulgaris instead of minor as originally thought.