Asian Roach

Blattella asahinai


Starter colony (15 mixed nymphs): $20 ( Contact for Availability )

Detailed Species Stats -Click-

    • Adult Size: Male: 14 mm. Female: 15 mm.
    • Climbing Abilities: All life stages can climb.
    • Flying Abilities: Adults of both sexes can fly.
    • Mode of Birth: Oviparous Type 2.
    • Care Level: Easy.
    • Temperature Requirements: 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Air Humidity: Not picky.
    • Substrate Humidity: Dry.
    • Favorite Foods: Not picky.
  • Locality: None.

Have you ever wanted to keep Blattella germanica, but were too afraid of having them infest your house? I have good news for you! Introducing, the Asian roach! A German cockroach look-a-like, one of the easiest ways to distinguish the two is where it is found. This species cannot infest houses but has become very abundant in forests in the southeastern United States after its introduction several decades ago. Despite the understudied impacts the species has had on those ecosystems, it has at least one beneficial characteristic: it has been found to have a voracious appetite for the eggs of several loathed crop pests, the bollworms. It is an excellent flier and climber, but interestingly day-active as well, unlike the nocturnal and ground-bound German cockroach. In the wild, nymphs and adults will bask on leaf litter, skittering around and flying like mad when disturbed only to reposition minutes later. Unique and energetic, every cockroach enthusiast should consider the Asian roach.