Pennsylvania Wood Roach

Parcoblatta pennsylvanica (Michigan)


Mixed nymphs: $4/each ( Not available )
Starter colony (12 mixed nymphs): $40 ( Not available )

Detailed Species Stats -Click-

    • Adult Size: Male: 28 mm. Female: 25 mm.
    • Climbing Abilities: Adults of both sexes can climb.
    • Flying Abilities: Adults males can fly.
    • Mode of Birth: Oviparous.
    • Care Level: Intermediate.
    • Temperature Requirements: 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Requires winter diapause.
    • Air Humidity: Not picky.
    • Substrate Humidity: Moist.
    • Favorite Foods: Not picky.
  • Locality: University of Michigan-Dearborn Natural Area. Dearborn, Michigan.

One of the largest species of wood cockroach, the Pennsylvania wood roach is also one of the hardiest. It can be found in many different environments from floodplains to old growth forests and even in areas strongly affected by invasive plant species. The males are large for indigenous roaches and readily come to lights; the females are more reclusive but are often disturbed in late spring and summer when going through wood piles. Some females from other locales often have long wings, but this strain only has short wings. This species is quite prolific, and a few females can produce several hundred young! This strain is well-adapted to the local climate, and nymphs must be cooled during the winter. This can be accomplished by keeping the roaches cold and dark for several months. Food (in the form of rot-resistant fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots) should be available at all times, but occasional misting and humidity checks can be done intermittently to prevent desiccation.