Jamaican Field Cricket

Gryllus assimilis

Starter colony (12 mixed nymphs): $40
60 mixed nymphs: $180

Detailed Species Stats -Click-

  • Adult Size: 40 mm.
  • Care Level: Easy.
  • Temperature Requirements: 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Air Humidity: Dry.
  • Substrate Humidity: Moist.
  • Favorite Foods: Not picky.
  • Locality: Homestead, Florida, United States.

Among my fondest memories of the 2021 Florida trip was collecting tiny nymphs of this species with a pooter off a garbage-littered curb in Homestead. A testament to their tenacity, this is a cricket of many habitats in Florida from waste-covered lots to more intact, natural spots. These are large field crickets, though much lighter in color than species encountered further north. Husbandry is typical of other Gryllus and unlike the familiar fall field cricket, there is no diapause requirement anywhere in the lifecycle of these tropical chirpers. In contrast with the call of Gryllodes sigillatus, which some people cannot stand, the Jamaican field cricket has an intermittent, pulsating call which may be more agreeable to delicate ears.