Rough Isopod

Porcellio scaber

Cultivar name: “Lava”

12 mixed: $50
50 mixed: $180
100 mixed: $350 (Contact for availability)

Detailed Species Stats -Click-

  • Adult Size: 18 mm.
  • Care Level: Easy.
  • Temperature Requirements: 68-85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Air Humidity: Not picky.
  • Substrate Humidity: Moist.
  • Favorite Foods: Not picky.
  • Locality: None.

Originally described as a single-gene mutation, “Lava” is actually a complex of extremely variable genotypes. This stock is believed to originate from Spain and is thus very unique from most North American derived scaber lines. Both males and females can possess calico-esque characteristics as well as stripes, solid bodies, and concentrations of dark and light pigments. Roach Crossing has isolated numerous new cultivars from this line and the genetic potential when crossed with other lines is endless!

Please see the Porcellio scaber page for additional information.